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MerlionWords is a multilingual education application to enhance your Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish word recognition, writing, and pronunciation skills.

Windows 8 version is available on the Windows Store since Windows 8's launch in October 2012:

For the latest i
OS version (v3.0), click here to access the iTunes app store web page:
This AD-FREE version can be purchased at USD 0.99 for a limited time.
The free version (with Ads and less content) is available from the iTunes app store web page:

  • Includes over 600 words in 15 categories, with each word available in 6 languages.
  • A settings screen to select a 1st language and a 2nd language.
  • Multiple categories of words to choose from.
  • Each word is displayed in 2 languages, along with the pronunciation (for Chinese, Japanese and Korean only), and accompanied with a picture illustration.
  • Listen to the pronunciation of a word in the selected 1st or the 2nd language by touching the speaker icon next to the word.
  • A tracing pen icon (for iPhones and iPods only) to bring up a separate word tracing screen, and a corresponding slide down icon to close the tracing screen.
  • Practice writing each word in the writing (tracing) area.
  • A tracing language switching icon to switch between the 1st and 2nd language.
  • Multiple pen colors to choose from for tracing.
  • Undo/Redo features for tracing are also available.
  • Useful for users of all ages.

Sample images for the Windows 8 version:
The category screen:

Topic screen with Chinese as the 2nd language:

NavigationBar and AppBar show up with a swipe down (touch mode) or right click (mouse mode):

1st and 2nd language can be chosen via the Setting charm:

Sample images for the iOS version:
The category screen:

The settings screen:

Topic screen with Chinese as the 2nd language
MerlionWords Chinese:

Topic screen with Japanese as the 2nd language:
MerlionWords Japanese

Topic screen with Korean as the 2nd language:

Topic screen with Spanish as the 2nd language:
MerlionWords Spanish

Topic screen with French as the 2nd language:
MerlionWords French

Please email us
here for MerlionWords support. We welcome your comments and requests to improve the features of our apps. We appreciate feedbacks from native speakers regarding translation errors that they encounter.