MerlionWords v1.0 review on

We are thrilled to find a review of MerlionWords in (which normally covered only games for iOS) on August 30, 2011.


The article was very detailed and well written. The “very high” recommendation was much appreciated :-)

MerlionWords v1.0 review on (also known as is a well known site which provides reviews of the best iPhone and iPad apps for kids.


We are delighted that a review of MerlionWords was just published on this site. Must appreciation given to Michel for the review.

iphone4kids.net_MerlionWords800 list of awesome apps for Friday, August 19

MerlionWords was mentioned as one of the list of more notable, and simply the most awesome apps by TiPb on Friday August 19. Unfortunately, they made a typo and ended up with August 9 in the title. Nevertheless the blog was widely propagated to other sites and gave us plenty of greatly appreciated publicity :-)